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Each safari is custom priced based on the length of the safari and the area(s) selected to best meet your priorities. Please contact us so we can determine the safari that best meets your goals and then prepare a quote for you. Our quote will be as all inclusive as possible (charter costs will be estimates) and there will be no surprise costs.

To contact us for more information,
please access our Information Request Form

Or send an email to: ~ Professional Hunter

Your Custom Safari Daily Rate Includes
  • Specified hunting concession(s), reserved for your exclusive use.

  • Private hunting camp(s), reserved for your exclusive use.

  • Modern 4-wheel drive hunting vehicle, equipped with a winch, comprehensive tool kit and spare parts, for the use by the hunting party.

  • Services of a Licensed Professional Hunter, complete safari staff, including gun bearers, trackers, skinners, cooks, tent and mess attendants and assistants.

  • Expert care and preparation of all trophy animals.

  • The provision of all camp equipment, including spacious specially designed tents, safari beds with comfortable mattresses, camp furniture, linens, water filters, generators, fridges, deep freezes and camp radio.

  • Finest quality food, fresh fruit and vegetables available. Special dietary requirements will be catered to as much as possible.

  • Wines available locally, beer, soft drinks and bottled water.

  • Comprehensive medical first-aid supplies in each camp and vehicle.

  • Daily laundry service.

Safari Daily Rates Do Not Include
  • Charter flights (at prevailing rates) to the hunting area or for changes of hunting area, any commercial flights from home to Tanzania or within Tanzania, freight of a personal nature, or overweight charges for commercial flights or requiring an upgrade of plane needed for charters.

  • Government Conservation Fee - $100 per hunter, per day .

  • Government Community Development Fee - $50 per hunter per day + 15% of trophy fees.

  • Government License - 7 day = $450 (per client); 16, 21, 28 day = $600 (per client).

  • Transportation of trophies to Arusha or Dar es Salaam, trophy documentation, Government trophy export permits, veterinarian certificates, ownership certificates: 7 day = $1,500; 16 day = $1,800; 21 day = $2,000; 28 day = $2,400 (per client).

  • Trophy fees paid at the conclusion of the safari, based upon the Government Trophy fee per animal taken/wounded.

  • Daily rate for Observers, including the Government Conservation Fee

  • National Park Fees (if necessary or required).

  • Bonded liquor and champagne.

  • Hotel accommodations before or after the safari (or if required during the safari).

  • Transportation to the hunting camp(s) ~ vehicle hire, train, and/or charter flights can be arranged at additional cost.

  • Shipment of trophies to final destination.

  • Gratuities to camp staff/trackers/Professional Hunters.

  • Government Firearms Import/Export permits @ $250.00 each (modern, suitable firearms are available for hire upon request).

  • Government import tax on ammunition - approximately $75.00.

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