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Article by Wayne F. Manis, entitled "Hatari Safari"
from Jan 2000 SCI Magazine (in pdf format):

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Safari Club International 2000 "Professional Hunter of the Year Finalist"
Safari Club International 2001 "Professional Hunter of the Year Finalist"

Phil is the best Professional Hunter in Africa -- T.N. (Congressional Medal of Honor Winner ~ name withheld upon request)

My Tanzanian hunt was truly a trip of a lifetime. Seeing animals 3 minutes outside of camp just captures the imagination. Phil brings integrity, honesty and dedication to his operation. If there are game to be had, he will find them. I took great animals, including a gerenuk, lesser kudu and lion. My recommendation is unqualified. Be sure and ask for the shrimp/avocado lunch as well as the bruschetta hors d'oeuvres.  -- Ray Liden

My safari with Phil was an eye opening experience, in comparison to my previous four safaris, from start to finish. Phil is a thoroughly experienced professional in all aspects of a safari, from the equipment check list he provided, to making plans on the fly when my luggage did not arrive, to when I had a problem with my rifle. Phil is knowledgeable in all aspects of hunting. He explained the how's and why's of what we were doing and what the expected results should be. His honesty, integrity, dedication, perseverance and expertise led to a highly successful safari.  Trophies, hunting areas and camps are all first class. I fully recommend a true safari experience, with a truly experienced Professional Hunter. -- Gregory Hubbard

Thank you again for the adventure. As you suggested, few people have grasped the trip from my words or photographs. I tell them what I miss the most is being so "disconnected", but you obviously get it. Thanks for showing me how to use the binoculars you graciously lent me, teaching me how to use the shotgun for protection, our fun conversations, and keeping an eye open for the safety of all of us. -- Paul Giles (observer)



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