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elephant + lionPhil Lozano Tanzania Trophy Expeditions came into existence in 1995, moving operations from South Africa and Zambia. The decision to concentrate all safaris in Tanzania has proven to be quite successful. Tanzania is by far the premier safari destination in all of Africa, and our record speaks for itself.

Since we started hunting in Tanzania, 100% of our clients have shot Leopards, better than 95% have gotten a Lion, 98% have shot Buffalo, and 73% have taken an Elephant, with 80% of the Clients having a shooting opportunity at a legal Elephant.

With many trophy animals listed in the SCI Record Book, we are proud to have the #1 East African Kudu, a top 10 Lion, and another Lion taken in 2004 which we believe, when officially measured, will be another in the top 10. Other top 10 entries include Grants Gazelle and Kirk's Dik-Dik. There are numerous top 20 entries and many more in the top 50. As proud as we are of these accomplishments, even more important are the memories brought home by those who have hunted with us, whether their goal is a record book trophy or the fulfillment of a dream of hunting in Africa.

In our 10 years hunting in Tanzania we have been fortunate and lucky. Perseverance, dedication and hard work for our clients have made this statement true. We continue to work hard, hunt hard, and access the best areas for our clients to meet their hunting goals.

We are very fortunate that most of our clients are now lifetime friends. This, perhaps, more than anything else, makes the hard work worthwhile.

Professional Hunter Phil Lozano

Phil LozanoWith an interest in wildlife since childhood, Phil began his hunting as a child. As a young man he then chose to guide hunters in Colorado for Elk, Deer and Bear from 1975 - 1985.

Recruited by an Elk hunting client from South Africa, Phil chose to take his skills and try them out in South Africa in 1986. Hunting both Dangerous and Plains game in South Africa, as a licensed P.H. from 1986-1993, Phil was persuaded to move on to hunt in Zambia in 1994 and then on to Tanzania in 1995, where he has continued to specialize in Dangerous Game. As noted in the list of top 10 entries above, Phil continues to also achieve success with his Plains Game hunts.

Professional Hunter Phil Lozano continually produces trophies of the highest quality. He is dedicated to providing the discriminating sportsman with a quality safari experience and an unforgettable adventure.


Phil has been honored by his peers with nominations as a Finalist for the Safari Club International's "Professional Hunter of the Year Award" in 2000 and 2001.


Rio Hondo University, Whittier California - AA Degree, Exotic Wildlife Management

1986 South Africa - Professional Hunters Course Certificate

1987 South Africa - Advanced Professional Hunters Course Certificate

Zambia and South Africa - Dangerous Game Apprenticeship under Gerrit Louw



Member of:

Safari Club International
Tanzania Tour Operators Association
Foundation for North American Wild Sheep
International Professional Hunters Association
Professional Hunters Association of South Africa

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